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I painted my floor tile! Lookin' fancy, y'all!

I painted my fireplace tile! I know, crazy, right?!  I am OBSESSED with how it has turned out! The best thing?! It was around $50 and it only took me TWO hours (not counting paint drying)! 

My brick tile was outdated and blah, but still in great shape. There was no way I was going to start ripping it out, heck, I can't even find time to catch up on my laundry! So rather than ripping it up and installing new tile, I decided to paint it instead with a stencil. I purchased a stencil online to fit my exact tile size (12x12) from Cutting Edge Stencils found here This is not a sponsored post at all, but I will say that they have outstanding customer service and I was super happy with it.  I used cheap black wall paint from Walmart, cheap Walmart brushes, paint roller and chalk paint, and a really good polyurethane sealer from Menards to lock it all in. I think I spent around $50 to do this entire project! Here is the breakdown: stencil with shipping $23, brushes $6, roller $4, leftover black paint, chalk paint $10, sealer $10. It does have some flaws, especially up close, but hey, it's gorgeous. I am obsessed. This isn't my first Pinterest project and it won't be my last!  

Pictures to follow!

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