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Our Trip to Magnolia Market! Disney World for Adults!

So much fun!!!

Well, we did it! We finally went to the famous Magnolia Market! AKA... Walt Disney World for adults! It was fun. It was rainy. It was an adventure.

This was a surprise trip for all of our viewers and fans on social media! We kept it quiet until we arrived in Waco and were ready to go Facebook Live at Magnolia!

You all have no idea how excited we were to go Facebook Live and to surprise our viewers! We were so pumped we just had to document it!  We traveled to go meet with a windmill distributor and to just take a mini vacation because it was the first week of November and the holiday season keeps us insanely busy (we are so blessed to say that, thank you)! A moment away is always healthy, especially before the huge holiday retail and DIY Workshop season! 

We pulled into Waco at around 11 AM-ish. It was kinda sunny, cold and a little cloudy. You can see the silos from far away. It was like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. There was free parking, but it was definitely going to rain and we were planning on doing lots of shopping, so we paid the $5 and parked right next to the bakery. The bakery was our first stop. And oh boy. We had to make another stop before we left! The cupcakes are to die for! So yummy! The attention to detail with every single thing is incredible. 

Now... you might not like this next paragraph. We were a little bummed when we discovered that the store wasn't in the silos. Maybe we missed that whole thing when people talked about the silos? The shop is in a huge building. HUGE. It wasn't like a regular store. It was like Fancy Farmhouse on steroids. Is that okay to say? Heck, we have had many customers even say that! Insert happy face here. 




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  • I absolutely love this! So glad you girls had a fun time!

    Jessica Smith

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